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ways to say thank you for your business

20+ Effective Ways to Say “Thank You For Your Business”

When saying thank you to a customer, you need to be sincere, personal, and to the point. Don’t use it as a sales pitch and make sure the details of the message are accurate and correct. In this post, we investigate why, when, and how to say thank you. We also explore how to use email, notes, letters, and texts to thank a customer. 

To help you word your messages, we have also included some example phrases and even complete messages to use as templates. So, without further to do let’s dive in.

Why Thank a Customer, Client, Or Partner?

Think of the last time someone showed their sincere appreciation for something you had done. How did you feel when they thanked you? I bet you felt a little rosy inside, ego slightly inflated and happiness levels increased? You might even have felt appreciated and loved! You felt like you had made a difference and helped someone out. Helping others gives us a nice warm feeling inside.

But how did you feel about the person saying thank you? How did it change your opinion of them? We don’t view people who say thank you as being inferior or weaker. But it does demonstrate respect, and we all like to be respected. It makes us feel more motivated to go further out of our way to help people again in the future.

The best customer is the one that has an emotional attachment to your business. For more interesting stats, look at our extensive list of ways to improve customer experience. It shows just how powerful the emotional attachment can be regarding sales. 

In short, an emotionally connected customer will spend more, buy more often, be more loyal and tell all their friends about how great you are. They will be proud to wear, own and use your brand. It means you’re serving your customers in the way they want to be served.

Take, for example, the guy buying a new pair of jeans. He’s having a kind of Willie Nelson day, his car has died, his wife has broken down and his dog has run off with someone else. As you sincerely thank him for his purchase as he leaves, that might be the first time in days someone has shown him some respect and appreciation. He only bought a pair of jeans, but subconsciously he feels just a little better about himself. And he associates that feeling with buying your jeans.

So, improve that customer attachment and make it truly emotional. It doesn’t only apply to customers; think about your employees and any other stakeholders in your business. People like to feel valued and respected. It breeds cooperation and inclusivity that help people work better together. Saying thank you raises some powerful emotions but is so easy to do, and yet, so often forgotten. 

woman working in cafe saying "thank you for your business" to customer

When to Say Thank You

Integrating Gratitude into Everyday Customer Experience

Expressing your gratitude should be ingrained into the everyday customer experience. At the end of every touchpoint with a customer, there should be some show of appreciation. Even if the touchpoint ends in no sale, at least show thanks for them considering your brand. As someone leaves the store or conversation, say thank you for their time.

After Solving a Customer Complaint 

Complaint handling is the trickiest of customer service skills and is crucial to your customer experience. Your customer has been so inconvenienced that you are going to have to do some serious leg work to stop this person from walking away feeling disappointed with you. The starting point for this process is thanking them for their time and patience and apologizing for your poor performance. 

Writing a Thank You Message for a New Customer

Express your gratitude that your new customer has chosen you above all your competition. Saying thank you at the start of the relationship sets the tone and attitude from day one. Include a brief mission statement explaining how you hope the relationship will develop. Start building that emotional connection that will lead to a loyal lifelong customer.

Showing Appreciation for an Existing Client

Don’t forget your existing customers! Have your CRM system generate business anniversary events that allow you to thank your existing customers for last year’s trade. 

Also, remember them on their birthday or anniversary and send a card at Christmas or New Year. Make this message personal and addressed to the correct person in the organization. Always include the employees of the organization and ask for your thanks to be passed on.  It’s a great way to build that emotional relationship.

Sending Thanks for Fast Payment

Cash flow is king in business. Have you ever heard anyone complain about being paid too soon? No. Everybody loves it. The cash is in the bank and the bank balance looks healthier. 

Thank your client for going “above and beyond,” and comment on their professionalism. This will encourage them to set this fast payment as a standard and help you get paid quickly, keeping the cash flowing in.

Writing a Thank You Letter for a Business Partnership

Just like a customer, the most powerful business partnership is one with an emotional connection. In the same way, as you connect with customers, you need to connect with people who help you. Thank them for their efforts in the past, highlight any particular special events, reinforce the common visions, and talk about the future working together. Make sure to include thanks for their whole team’s effort.

How to Say Thank You

General Guidelines 

  • It needs to be genuine. If your message doesn’t fit with the rest of your customer experience, it will be seen to be false.
  • Don’t write “War and Peace”. Keep it concise. Cut to the chase and make your point. 
  • Don’t gush. Keep it sincere. The “thank you” should reflect what you are grateful for and not be “over the top”.
  • Make it personal. Address it to the most appropriate person. Ask for your gratitude to be passed on to all involved. Talk about your actual relationship and why it is valuable to you.
  • Use the most appropriate method. Sometimes a simple email is appropriate, other times a physical card or letter might be needed.
  • Don’t try to sell or upsell. This will turn the “thank you” into a poor attempt at furthering sales. If your customer connection building is successful, you will have plenty of other opportunities to sell to them.
  • Start with a salutation. Make it personal and if you know the recipient’s name, then use it. Make sure you have the pronouns and title correct. Don’t call a Mr a Mrs or vice-versa and make sure no Dr or other title is missing.
  • Explain your gratitude. Say what you are grateful for and give examples. 
  • Explain why you are grateful. Talk about the benefits you get from your relationship and what it means to you.
  • Look to the future. Show that you mean to continue to develop the relationship and serve the customer into the future.
  • End correctly. Use the most appropriate sign-off and include your position, and company details below.

Authenticity and Automation

So, what happens when your customer base grows from 20 to 2000? In the early days, you might have been handwriting personal thank you notes, cards or emails. But now your business has boomed, it’s going to take you (or one of your staff) all week just to say thank you! 

Hang on, there is an easy way around this: automate it! There are so many different systems from Mailchimp-like email apps to fully integrated CRM apps that can do this for you.

Words of warning!

You need to be careful that your “thank you bot” is delivering the correct message to the right people. If you are going to automate your thank you system, then spend a good amount of time configuring it correctly. The result still needs to feel like an authentic, genuinely heartfelt gratitude and not some off-kilter insincere junk mail.

To keep the personal touch, make sure:

  • the message sounds like a human – at least spell and grammar check it
  • uses the correct greeting – don’t call a miss a mister
  • express the right level of appreciation – remember, no gushing
  • make it specific to their recent activity
  • sign off properly with the name the customer recognizes

18 Swipe-able Phrases to Convey Your Exact Gratitude

Whether you are handwriting a thank you note or configuring your CRM, you need some useful phrases to pick from that convey your exact gratitude. Here are a few examples to help you along.

We take pride in your business with us.

Thank you for supporting my small business and helping to keep our doors open! 

Thank you for being part of the [COMPANY NAME] family. 

Thank you for making us your first choice.

We won’t settle for less than the best for you!

Thank you for your purchase! 

Every customer matters to us, please let us know how we did. [link to customer survey]

It has been our pleasure to serve you, and we hope we see you again soon.

We at [COMPANY NAME] genuinely appreciate your business.

We’re grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us. 

We hope you are satisfied with your purchase.

Thank you for putting your trust and confidence in our company. 

Your customer loyalty is greatly appreciated.

I appreciate the opportunity to…

You can always count on us for your needs!

We have enclosed a coupon for your next order—thank you for being our loyal customer!

We take pride in your continued patronage!

Thank you for doing business with us!

How to Write Business Thank You Emails, Notes, Letters & Texts


Seriously, thank you emails aren’t even worth the paper they are written on (i.e., nothing). They are so easy to send and so commonly received that they are too cold and meaningless. They get lost in the myriad emails a business receives every day. If you want someone to take notice of your thank you then send something physical. 

But there may be times when you need to use an email thank you. Your email should follow all the previously mentioned guidelines and attention should be paid to these extra checkpoints:

Fact check

Check that you are saying thank you for the right reasons. Don’t thank someone for buying a vacuum cleaner when they have bought a dishwasher!

Spell check

At least spell check your message, check the spelling of customers’ names, business names and other personal details. Saying “thank you, John” to Joan isn’t going to do you any favors. 

Grammar check

As with any business copy produced, run it through a grammar checker. Don’t rely on the inbuilt MS Office editor. Use a standalone purpose-built one like Grammarly. You will be amazed at what the MS Office editor misses.

Check email address

You need to make sure the message gets there. Also check no one else is Cc’ed in or that you are not replying to a previous email. This email needs to be a separate message aimed directly at the customer for a specific reason.

Time check

Your customer is not going to thank you for the email alert beeping on their smartphone at 4 am. Be appreciative of their time zone and their routine. Let them sit down with a coffee in their hand before pressing send. 

Example Thank You Email

Hi Jonathan,

Thank you so much for your recent purchase of our new and improved Widget 3. It means a great deal to all of us here at that you have again chosen our Widget above all the rest. Your continued support for our business means we can keep developing and improving our widgets and help you with all your future widget needs. Once again, thank you for your custom.

Best wishes, 


When was the last time you received a handwritten note? Handwriting a personal note is up there with the top ways of saying thank you. It shows you have spent real time and effort in writing it and in arranging its delivery. 

As with all writing, check it for spelling and grammar. You can even write it in Word first then copy it from the screen. Make sure the recipient’s name delivery address is correct and send it by priority post, not economy, or even better hand deliver it.

Example Thank You Note

Hi Tracey,

All of us at truly appreciate your business. We’re so grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us and our products. We sincerely hope you are satisfied with your purchase and hope to see you soon!

Andy (CEO)


Sometimes you need to send a more formal thank you message. A thank you letter lets you expand on what you are grateful for and why. It might also acknowledge other members of the recipient’s team who deserve recognition and talk more about planned future endeavors. As with sending a note, ensure your letter is checked before sending.

Example Thank You Letter

  • Start with a salutation. Make it personal and if you know the name then use it. Make sure you have the title correct. Don’t call a Mr a Mrs or vice-versa and make sure there is no Dr or other title.
  • Explain your gratitude. Say what you are grateful for and give examples. 
  • Explain why you are grateful. Talk about the benefits you get from your relationship and what it means to you.
  • Look to the future. Show that you mean to continue to develop the relationship and serve the customer into the future.
  • End correctly. Use the most appropriate sign-off and include your position, and company details below.

Dear Dr. Sandra Makebelieve,

All of us at would like to express our gratitude for your continued business and encouraging support. Working with you to help you achieve your goals has been and will always be a great pleasure. We would like to thank you and all the technical team at your Cincinnati branch for the assistance and cooperation we received during the recent installation of Widget 3. Your help ensured that the installation went smoothly and was completed ahead of schedule.

Thank you for your support. We truly appreciate your business and look forward to serving you again.

Yours Sincerely,
Andy McManamon


A sort-of compromise between a note and an email. Texting has its pros and cons. It is easy and can be automated but also still can feel personal as it goes straight to the recipient’s phone. It is, however, not a physical thing and soon gets lost as more text messages push it down the inbox and off-screen never to be seen again. 

Think about your customer demographic before using text. Is it appropriate? 

Your text needs to be ultra-concise and yet still personal and meaningful to generate an emotional reaction. Remember the maximum length of a text message is sometimes limited to only 160 standard 7-bit characters. If you use non-7-bit characters this can drop to only 70. The example below is 160 long. 

Example Thank You Text

Hi Trevor, thanks for buying the Widget 3. Your custom means a lot to us here at We look forward to serving you again. Kind regards, Andy. CEO

Final Thoughts About Saying “Thank You For Your Business”

Get it right and a thank you can go a long way to building that essential emotional connection that results in brand loyalty. Get it wrong and it could set that relationship back a long way. The main point of the thank you is that you are grateful enough for the exchange that you spent time and effort to personally say thanks. 

This post has covered a lot of ground. We have delved into many different aspects of saying thank you. So, in the last few lines, I would like to thank you for staying with us. It’s our pleasure to be able to provide you with such information and guidance. It means a lot to us here at NetLines that we can help you grow and develop your business. We look forward to continuing to serve you well into the future. 

Our kindest regards,
Jerry Haines, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, NetLines

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