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Voice Valet

Voice Valet Virtual Voicemail

It’s more than call screening – it’s a virtual voicemail system that gives you back control of your phone and your day.

With Voice Valet, you get a second phone number to use for anyone that’s not a personal connection. All the calls go straight to voicemail and are emailed to you later. With Voice Valet, you never get bothered with nuisance calls interrupting your day and wasting your precious time.

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Why Voice Valet for Screening Calls

Credit card companies, restaurant reservations, even charities are all asking you to provide a phone number these days. But as we’ve started freely handing out our cell numbers, robocallers have found ways to get them. Not to mention that even calls from businesses and contacts you do want to hear from can be annoying and time consuming.

That’s where our service comes in. With the unique Voice Valet virtual answering service, you get a second phone number to use any time you need to provide a number. All calls to this number go directly to voicemail, and then the voicemails with transcriptions get sent to the email address you provide at signup. Robocallers usually hang up, and you can easily scan through the remaining messages at your leisure to see which, if any, you need to respond to.

The Solution to Robocallers

Yes, you could get on a “no-call” list or report scams, but Voice Valet is better.

Why? Those databases are simply compiled from user reports. If a call matches one of the numbers, only then is it blocked.

Issue 1: Robocallers constantly use new and rotating phone numbers to get past these databases. It’s impossible to keep up with them.

Issue 2: Robocallers are also illegally spoofing or faking caller IDs, so if you block a number, you may be blocking a good number!

It’s estimated that 45% of the phone calls made each day are scams. Stop it from happening to you by signing up for Voice Valet.

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