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NetLines is the all-in-one business phone app built for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Our professional virtual business solution is low cost and grows as you grow.

We’ve focused on features that will give your business an edge, such as one-click conference calls, customizable auto attendant, and easy extensions. You can cut down on administrative costs and time, while providing inbound callers with a professional, polished impression.

Whether you’re running your own business, are part of a remote team, or a small agency, NetLines was designed for you. See how NetLines can boost your productivity, improve customer experience, and make your life easier.

phone service for entrepreneurs


For many entrepreneurs, the line between work and personal life is thin, if there is one at all. NetLines helps you keep them separate, with two numbers on the same phone.

NetLines also helps establish credibility and professionalism. You can have an auto attendant, dial-by-name directory, and department extensions, whether you have one employee or two hundred. Potential clients and customers who call will be impressed.

Real Estate Agents

If you don’t want your personal number plastered all over town, NetLines is the way to go. You can keep your personal line private, while still being available at all hours for your clients.

NetLines also identifies when you are receiving a call to your NetLines second phone number versus your personal, enabling you to decide whether or not to answer it. No more picking up a call from a potential buyer while you’re at a crowded restaurant or in line at the grocery.

phone service for real estate agents and brokers
phone solutions for sales teams

Sales Teams

Are you managing or part of a outside sales team? While many of these teams have a central, physical office, the reality of the employees is a life on the road. NetLines enables easy, one-touch conference calls and announcements to the entire team via the Hubs function.

Want to give your company a local area code? Add additional numbers for $1/month that all ring into the same number, so you can give your sales team an edge.

Service Businesses

Photographer, stylist, or life coach – you want your clients to be able to reach you, but you may want to put some space between your business and your personal life. Features such as “do not disturb” enable you to silence calls and texts from your NetLines account when you want to, giving you freedom. But your voicemails and messages will be there as soon you open the app.

phone solutions for service-based businesses
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