How To Use NetLines

iPhone instructions

Download and Initial Install

To install the Netlines application; launch the Apple App store.

Next scroll to the search option and type in “Netlines”. Click enter and choose NetLines to download.

After opening the Netlines application on your homescreen.
The Netlines application will now prompt you to enter a text message capable number to receive your registration PIN code.

Verify your registration by submitting the PIN code and then accepting the terms of service by clicking read and then agree.

Keypad Screen

Minute Section

Minutes available can be shown on the top left of the keypad screen.
To view more info on minutes and to select “DND” (Do not disturb) mode click on minutes.

To view and edit settings, click on the gear wheel on the main keypad screen.

Voicemail Indication

After missing a phone call and receiving a voicemail, the green dial bar will shift over and a blue dial bar will appear next to it. An icon next to minutes will show; denoting the number of voicemails unanswered. Click the blue dial button to call your voicemail. A series of options will be presented to listen to new, old, and to delete the messages.

History Screen

Options available in the history screen include: All, Missed, and Recorded

All includes any answered, missed, or voicemails received

Missed includes all calls you were unable to answer

Recorded are any calls you chose to record to listen to later

Hubs+ Screen

My Hubs

To access your hubs, go to the Hubs+ screen located on the middle of the page selector on the bottom of the application.
From there click on “My Hubs” to drop down a list of your current hubs.

Purchase Minutes

If your plan is running low on minutes, navigate to the settings menu from the keypad.
Choose purchase minutes and then select the minutes package you wish to purchase.


To view the contacts; click on the contacts pane in the bottom navigation bar.

The Netlines app will sync your in-phone contacts with its contact database; providing you easy access to all your contacts
Smart Contacts
A premier feature in the contacts section; smart contacts will show all users that also are on Netlines, giving you quick access to free calls made within the app.

Message Screen

To Create a text message; click on the messages pane on the navigation bar. Then click on the writing icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen; choose a contact to start a message with, and begin your message.

To respond to a message, click on the message you received from another user, then click in the empty text box on the bottom of the screen to begin typing your message.

To delete a message, swipe left on the message you wish to delete from the messages main screen.