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How It Works


step 1

Select the right plan for your growing business.

step 2

Pick a number or port an exisiting number over.

step 3

Download the app.

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step 4

Start talking!

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NetLines is an inexpensive downloadable cloud business phone app that allows you to have a professional, affordable business phone system right on your smartphone. No more using your personal cell to make and receive business phone calls.

NetLines comes complete with a whole host of features that are great for businesses, including an auto attendant that directs calls where you want them. You can also message to other NetLines numbers, quickly set up a video conference for up to 15 invitees, record calls, and so much more.

To get everything NetLines has to offer for only $15 per month/per user. Just sign up, download the app, and start talking!


Wish you could have two phone numbers on one phone?

With the NetLines phone app, you can manage your personal and business communication on the device you already own.

Keep personal life and work life separate – no more handing out your personal number or juggling two phones.

Your business communications are kept entirely separate from your personal calls, messages, and voicemails on your phone.

Deliver an exceptional customer experience by communicating more efficiently with clients and customers.

Onboarding new employees is a breeze with NetLines. All they have to do is download the app on an iPhone or Android device, then the admin sets their account up as an extension.

In just minutes, you and your team will be ready to start working and communicating via group video conference calls, voice calls, and in network messaging.

Ready to get started with NetLines - The Business Phone App?

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