Second Number

NetLines Features

It’s a full business phone system, but in an app on your existing smartphone. NetLines gives you a suite of features to make your business more efficient and professional, right from the palm of your hand.

Second Phone Number

NetLines gives you a second business phone number on your existing smartphone, accessed through the NetLines app. Choose from:

  • Your existing business number – port it over for free
  • A U.S. phone number with any area code
  • Toll free numbers
  • Vanity numbers

Call, text, and video chat with employees and customers using your business line. Keep your work and personal life separate, but easily accessible, with a second phone number.

Want more than one number? Add additional numbers – that all ring to the same line – for just $1/month.

Second Number


2-level Auto Attendant

Use keypad prompts to send callers to departments, then specific people

Detailed call reports, by extension

See inbound and outbound call volume, average call time, and more for each extension on your account

Online fax

Receive faxes free of charge and send for a small fee

Toll-free numbers

NetLines works with toll-free numbers for no extra charge

After hours & holiday call handling

Customize your auto attendant with different messages for after hours and during holidays


Dial by name directory

Click on a contact to call, video chat, or text message

Custom Greeting

Customize your automatic greeting with hours, addresses, promotions, and more

Extension to extension fast dial

Call from one extension to another

Additional phone numbers for $1/mo

Multiple phone numbers call in to the same line to maximize local presence and simplify internal ops

Voicemail to email

Save a step with voicemails automatically being sent to an email address of your choice

Unlimited video calls

Get face-to-face with clients, customers, and team members

Text Messaging

Send messages directly in the app

Call recording

Easily record important calls at the click of a button from your call screen

Unlimited in-network calls

Calls to other NetLines users – marked with a NetLines icons in the directory - are always free

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