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Second Phone Number

NetLines Features

It’s a full business phone system, but in an app on your existing smartphone. NetLines gives you a suite of features to make your business more efficient and professional, right from the palm of your hand.

Second Phone Number App

NetLines allows you to have a second phone number without the second phone. Get additional phone lines and business extensions, all accessible through an app on your existing smartphone. Choose from:

  • Your existing business number – port it over for free
  • A U.S. phone number with any area code
  • Toll free numbers
  • Vanity numbers
Second Phone Number for Business

Why Get a Second Phone Number for Business?

Call, text, and video chat with employees and customers using your business line. Keep your work and personal life separate, but easily accessible, with a second phone number.

  • Streamline your business systems without buying more hardware
  • Keep a professional appearance, no matter the size of your business
  • Create a community presence with a local phone number
  • Create a toll free line or custom vanity number
  • Call routing is easier than ever because it’s all managed through an app

Benefits of Having a Virtual Second Phone Number

Utilizing a second line app, like NetLines, makes smart business sense. Using an existing smartphone keeps employee management and business growth simple, flexible and affordable. Easily manage multiple phone numbers for employees without the security and logistical headaches.

  • Save money on overhead expenses with two phone numbers on one phone
  • Create custom voicemail messages to keep your phone lines separate
  • Control your business hours, even while working remotely
  • Enjoy unlimited texting for business from your virtual number
  • Maintain the personal privacy of you and your employees
  • Keep call reports for business separate from your personal calls
  • Receive faxes free of charge without the fax machine or extra line
  • and so much more

See the benefits for yourself! Try a second phone number app for your existing iPhone or Android smartphone. View our simple plans and pricing, backed with a 30-day guarantee.

Add Additional Phone Numbers & Extensions

Want more than one number? Add additional numbers – that all ring to the same line – for just $1/month.

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