Answers to those questions that may be roaming around in your head.

Is there a set up fee?

No set up fees and no long term contracts. Just month to month.

What if I want to keep my same phone number?

No problem.  Its easy to transfer (port) your existing number to NetLines.

How does NetLines work?

NetLines works on Wi-Fi or LTE. Just pick a plan, download the app, and start talking. Simple.

Can I get a Toll Free number?

Absolutely. NetLines offers toll free numbers right from the initial number selection page.  Or feel free to add one later on.

What’s included in my plan?

All of our plans have NetLines major features included, including Hub calls, Voice Valet, Video calls, Call recording and unlimited free calling in network.

What’s a Hub call?

NetLines Hub is our exclusive group calling feature. From your online portal you’ll make your own Hubs of up 2+ people per Hub. Call to talk or just send out an announcement – all from your NetLines Hub.

Can I use NetLines for personal or family?

Definitely. NetLines Family is great for families, groups of friends or anyone who wants a second phone line at a low monthly rate.

What is your corporate contact information?

NetLines is located at 790 Windmiller Dr, Suite B, Pickerington, Ohio 43147. Reach us by phone at 844-466-3854.

Have another question? Email us at support@netlines.com