How an Auto Attendant Can Save Money & Time in Your Business
how to advance your business with an auto attendant / virtual receptionist

Why Your Business Needs an Auto Attendant

How do callers reach the right person in your business? Some companies list multiple phone numbers on their website, some use a receptionist, and some use a “whoever answers the phone first” method. But the best way for many businesses to route callers is through an auto attendant.

What is an auto attendant?

Not everyone is familiar with the term “auto attendant,” but everyone knows what it is. Some call it a virtual receptionist. It’s the automatic greeting that provides keypad prompts to direct callers to departments or people. It can also provide basic business information, such as store hours or current deals.

Using an auto attendant as your phone answering service is the easiest and most cost-effective way to not only improve customer satisfaction, but also to increase employee productivity. Here’s why your business needs an auto attendant:

More Professional

First impressions matter. An auto attendant greeting immediately gives callers a polished, professional impression of your business. Unlike a receptionist, the auto attendant works 24/7/365, never has a bad day, and always gives the exact same welcome message. You can even customize the message for after business hours or holidays.

It doesn’t matter if you are an established small business with 20 employees or a new start up (like you and a friend working from your garage) – with auto attendant, callers won’t be able to tell. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to immediately give your business an edge.

Save Money

Compared to other professional alternatives, a phone service with auto attendant is typically cheaper. Whether you’re considering a full-time receptionist or relying on an office manager or admin, an auto attendant eliminates that need. You’ll save employee time and money that can be better spent elsewhere.

Some companies also consider a live virtual receptionist. While these services are cheaper than a full-time employee, they still cost hundreds of dollars each month. For most businesses, it is a completely unnecessary cost that can be better handled with an auto attendant.

Optimize Call Handling

We’ve all been there – you call a business and you get the dreaded, “Let me put you on hold while I transfer you…”, only for the call to get dropped or to be transferred to the wrong person.

With auto attendant, this never happens. Callers get to pick who they speak to, getting them to the right person, the first time. And if you are using a completely virtual phone system, like NetLines, it can connect to employee’s cell phones, increasing call answer rate.

Auto attendant streamlines your internal communication, reducing caller frustration and optimizing employee time.

Increase Productivity

For any small business, time is a precious resource. Employees often wear multiple hats and juggle many priorities. Administrative tasks only take away from work on key growth initiatives and operations.

With an automated attendant, the call routing process is automated, freeing up employee time. Each employee or department gets the proper calls, on time. No waiting for transfers or for another team member to relay a message. Customer questions or problems are addressed efficiently, improving employee and department productivity.

Advance Your Business with Auto Attendant

Implementing an auto attendant is smart business sense: it is more professional, saves money, optimizes call handling, and increases productivity. Not to mention it’s inexpensive.

With NetLines, you get a completely virtual phone system on your existing smartphone. Its advanced auto attendant feature will elevate your business without costing you big bucks. Explore our Voice Valet and other features to see if NetLines may be right for you and your business.

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