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About Us

About Us

At NetLines, we believe that workplace mobility is the way of the future.

Our entire lives are increasingly on the cloud, so why are so many businesses still locked to their landlines? Or resorting to buying second smartphones?

We knew there had to be a better way for today’s entrepreneurs and small business owners to have a professional, full service business phone system. NetLines was born.

NetLines gives you a separate business line on your iPhone or Android device, accessed through an app. But it’s more than just a second phone number. NetLines provides all the advanced features of a traditional business phone service, but for a fraction of the price. Keep your same business phone number, or you may want to pick a new one. For start-ups and entrepreneurs the choice is easy; choose NetLines and never worry about desk phones or expensive phone service again. 

NetLines is an affordable, cloud-based business phone app with:

  • Calling, Texting, Video Chat, and One-Click Conference calls: You and your employees can stay connected on-the-go, while still keeping work and personal life separate.
  • Auto Attendant with Extensions: Customers appreciate the professional auto-attendant greeting and two-level keypad prompts that get them to the department or person they need.
  • Easy-add extensions: As your business grows, NetLines grows with you. Our all encompassing phone app comes with 10 extensions for you and your team, and you can easily add more as you need them.
  • An entire suite of features built to elevate your business– check out our Features page for the full list.

NetLines: Built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. Now you're talkin'.

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