Set your business free from old phone systems.

NetLines makes your smartphone your business phone too.
Now you’re talkin’.

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NetLines Has Amazing Features

Hub Calls

Make a group call to 2 or 200 friends, family members or employees at the touch of a button with the NetLines Hub feature.

Video Call

Make a video call to anyone on the network. And it doesn’t matter if it’s Apple or Android, NetLines has you covered.

Call Recording

Anytime you’re using NetLines you can record the conversation at the touch of a button. It’s built right in and is so convenient to use.

NetLines Biz
Only $24.99/mo Business Phone Service with the Simplicity of an App

NetLines Biz is an inexpensive full featured business phone system app & service that goes where you go. With NetLines Biz, you can run your business from anywhere by simply using your existing mobile device. Download the app today!

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