NetLines Comprehensive Feature List

So many features packed into one awesome app


Hub is the center of the NetLines app and short for hubbub. It’s a NetLines exclusive feature that makes starting a conference call as easy as selecting a contact. Simply put, Hubs are individual groups of people that you create for the purpose of calling or sending an announcement to. A Hub can be 2-200 people. Scroll through your Hubs just like you would your existing contact list, select the Hub with the associates you want to conference with and touch the call button. That’s it. Everyone in that Hub will be called into a conference at the same time on one call. NetLines Hub calls are a better way to connect with associates, teams, clients, family and friends. Create as many Hubs as you want with any number of combinations of different people in them. Once you starting making Hubcalls, you’ll be hooked.


Voice calls are great, but sometimes you really want to see the person you’re talking to. At NetLines, we get that, so we built video calling right into our app. And it doesn’t matter if you’re on Android and the person you want to video call is on Apple. It’s all the same with NetLines. You can start a voice call and change to video. Now you’re talkin’…. and seeing!

VOICE VALET auto attendant

Voice Valet is our modern version of the classic auto attendant. Voice Valet is your own personal assistant that never takes a lunch break. Voice Valet answers your calls exactly like you want - in your own voice or someone else’s – so you can choose the sound and style you want. Voice Valet plays your company’s greeting and offers up a menu of extension choices making your business always sound professional. First impressions matter. With NetLines Voice Valet you’ll always make a great one.


A complete business system with messaging built right in. NetLines is designed for how people communicate today. Call, text, video call – it’s all in NetLines.


NetLines comes with an easy to use account and features portal that you can use on mobile, tablet or desktop. Make and edit Hubs, add or delete extensions, create a new Voice Valet greeting, check voicemail, access your account information and much more. Clickable icons make it simple to find the feature/function you’re looking for.

Call Recording

NetLines has call recording built right into the active call screen. So when you’re on a call you have the option to record right at your fingertips. No other apps to load. It’s a great feature to have for a variety of reasons and NetLines has it.


NetLines is a full featured business phone system complete with extensions. Voice Valet auto attendant will answer calls and provide keypad prompts to direct callers to the person they're calling for. Why waste money buying old fashioned business phones that are expensive and take up room on your desk when NetLines is always with you. The powerful features of a professional phone system are with you all of the time on your own smartphone. It’s a better way to run your business, and it’s available now.